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Bilingual Program

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Bilingual Program Description:

Our program uses and develops the Spanish oral and literacy skills that the students bring  to gradually transition them into the English language by monitoring and integrating students at different  levels of proficiency through the use of Integrated and Designated English Language Development.

The Bilingual Program incorporates the SEAL Model (Sobrato Early Academic  Language) which includes strategies and teacher-developed curriculum units of enriched language and literacy especially designed for English Language Learners in grades Preschool -3rd  incorporating the Common Core Standards.

Program Goals:

♦ Literacy Development and Academic Achievement in Spanish and English

♦ Successful Transition to English Proficiency

♦ Cultural Awareness and Bicultural Skills and Sensitivity

Benefits of the Bilingual Program:

♦ Stimulates cognitive development by learning more than one language

♦Prepares students for living in a diverse society

♦ Promotes critical and creative thinking

♦ Increases job opportunities in the context of our area’s global economy

♦Students fulfill language requirements for high school and university if they continue to pursue multilingual course pathways

Transitional Model

♦ Spanish is the primary language used for instruction in grades K-3.   English is taught and spoken in a gradual increasing proportion and rigor through daily English Language Development instruction.

♦ Students help each other speak, read, write & understand one another’s language.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is an important component for the program. Parent support is crucial since learning a new language is exciting for both parents and kids!  Realistically, it can also be challenging, and at times frustrating.  As with any topic or subject in learning, acquiring a second language takes time. With enrollment, parents agree to a minimum six-year commitment to the Program.